Ocean S3628

Following a trip to France in late Summer of this year, representatives from the Charolais Society quickly decided that Ocean was a must for Irish Charolais breeders. He is a son of Laskari and Homere, making him a complete outcross for most Irish breeders. Ocean was sold as a young bull for €20,650, a record for the station he was sold in. Progeny seen in France are long, stylish, well made, soft, easily fleshed and full of quality. He is breeding a type of cattle that should be easily finished at a young age, ideal for today’s commercial market. Ocean should be best suited to bigger, longer, plainer type cows.

Ocean bull calves

Ocean heifer calves

Ocean progeny

Ocean baby calf

Based on progeny seen in France and reports from breeders there, Ocean is a bull with a big future in Ireland. Reports are that he is easily calved and should be suitable for second calved females onwards. He carries one copy of the F94L profit gene and is tested free of Progressive Ataxia. Straws are now available from the Society at €38/straw.