Calf Registration

Registering your Calf

All registrations for pedigree Charolais calves born on/after 1st January 2004 are via the Animal Events Recording Book.

The Animal Events book can be used to notify all your calves pedigree and commercial to the CMMS Office in Clonakilty. Address:- National Calf Registration Services/Animal Events Agency, PO Box 72, Clonakilty, FREEPOST, Co. Cork.

Up to ten calves can be registered on each sheet

Please insert the first seven digits of the yellow tag in the top centre of each new page in the Animal Events Book

Fill in one line for each and every calf born

For ET calves two lines are required. Please fill in the recipient’s tag number and breed code on the same line as the calf’s details, and on the next line please just fill in the donor dam’s tag number and breed code.

If your calf is pedigree please give it a name beginning with the year letter in which it is born.

For calves born in 2019 the letter is P

For calves born in 2020 the letter is R

When you enter a sire for a calf, please use either his
• A.I Code • His Herd Book Number or • His NID (yellow tag)
(Please do not enter the bull’s name as the sire for the calf)

The breed of sire should always be filled in even if it is an AI sire

Please be careful not to put an entry in the “Dead” column unless your calf is actually dead. “1” = abortion and “2” = dead at birth

You do not have to fill in a white card for any calf notified to the CMMS office using the Animal Events Book

Pedigree registration fees should NOT be sent with the
completed Animal Events Sheet.

Animal passports will be issued by the Department of Agriculture in the same way as if they were registered with a white card.

We will have access to your pedigree Charolais data and following verification by us we will either invoice you for payment due or notify you of a pending Direct Debit payment if you are using this method. Should you have a query on any aspect of the Direct Debit payment you will have time to have this clarified before payment is made.

Calf Registration Fees
Registration fee per calf:-
€60.00 Cash/Cheque
€45.00 if paying by direct debit.
€70.00 for E.T. calf (Embryo Tranfer)

Late Registration/ Payment Fees:-
€10.00 per month, per calf, for 1st year
€20.00 per month, per calf, for 2nd year
€30.00 per month, per calf, for 3rd year



Heifers bred in your herd can be de-registered up to 12 months of age and you will receive a refund of €40.00.

You must return the herd book certificate, along with a note stating that you wish to de-register the female to the office.

Please note that once a female has been de-registered she can never be re-registered.


Males bred in your herd can be de-registered up to 16 months of age and you will receive a refund of €40.00.

You must return the herd book certificate, along with a slaughter docket for the bull and a note stating that you wish to de-register the bull to the office.

Please note that you will only receive the refund for males when both the herd book certificate and slaughter docket is received in the office.

Embryo Calves

Before any embryo work can be carried out the breeder must apply to put the donor dam on an embryo list and the donor dam must also have a DNA type on file.
The fee for the embryo application is €127.00 and the DNA fee is €30.00.
Embryo application forms and DNA kits are available from the office.
Before an embryo calf can be registered it must be DNA typed for parentage verification.

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