News 2018

Slaughter Records Of Young Pedigree Charolais Bulls De-Registered Within The Last Month

Since January of 2017, pedigree Charolais breeders have the option of de-registering young pedigree Bulls and Heifers in order to receive a refund of €40. In order to receive the refund, bulls must be slaughtered under 16 months of age and a copy of the slaughter docket must be sent to the Charolais Office accompanying the Pedigree Certificate. Below are slaughter records of Charolais Bulls who were de-registered in the last month.

Age Carcass Weight Grade Total Value
16 months 488 kg U+2+ €2,106
14 months 381 kg U+2= €1,624
15 months 440 kg U+2+ €1,782
14 months 433 kg U+2= €1,822
14 months 497 kg U=2+ €2,062
15 months 429 kg U+2+ €1,829