Charolais weanlings take overall championship and top price at Carrigallen 5/10/2013

Charolais weanlings take overall championship and top price at Carrigallen 5/10/2013
On Saturday the 5th of October, Carrigallen Mart hosted their annual show and sale of weanling bulls. With over 600 weanlings on offer, there was a huge crowd of spectators, vendors and buyers in attendance. The sale itself saw a steady trade for good charolais weanlings, with top quality weanlings fetching premium prices. Top price on the day was achieved by a 260kg charolais bull calf, which made €1080 (€4.15c/kg). The pre-sale champion of the show, a 450kg charolais bull sold for €1490 (€3.31c/kg). Charolais weanlings continued to sell well with a 280kg bull calf making €1005 (€3.58c/kg). A 290kg bull calf then made €990 (3.41c/kg) and a 295kg bull calf sold for €940 (3.18c/kg). Other leading prices of charolais weanlings included €1200 for a 375kg weanling (€3.20c/kg) and €1330 for a 450kg weanling (€2.95c/kg).

In the pre-sale show sponsored by the Irish Charolais Cattle Society, local man Seamus Cooke from Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim took home the overall champion of the show with his charolais weanling. Seamus’s weanling bull was sired by the noted AI bull, Cottage Devon.

Taking the reserve champion charolais weanling was Andy Mc Govern from the Sunnaghmore Pedigree herd, Cloone, Co. Leitrim. Andy’s weanling bull was sired by his stock bull Riversdale Anchor, a son of Oscar.

The red rosette for the best pen of four Charolais weanlings went to Frank Mc Govern, Greenvale House, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. Frank’s weanlings were sired by his stock bull, Laheens Christy a son of Donnally New (CF52).

Taking second place for the best pen of four Charolais weanlings was Christina Nixon, Aughavore, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. This pen of weanlings was sired by a son of Fury Action.


Charolais Weanling Heifers continue the winning way

On Saturday the 12th of October, Carrigallen hosted the second part of their annual show and sale of weanlings. This time it was heifers up for grabs and once again it was a wonderful day for charolais crosses. In the Pre-sale show sponsored by the Irish Charolais Cattle Society, Christina Nixon from Aughavore, Carrigallen, Co.Leitrim took home the overall Champion on the show. Her heifer was sired by their ‘Fury Action’ stock bull. The same sire also featured very prominently in last week’s weanling bull sale.

Sean Mc Govern from Derry, Killashandra, Co. Cavan took first prize in the first class of heifers. Sean’s heifer was sired by his stock bull, a son of ‘Plexus’. The same bull also sired the second prize winner in this class for Sheila Gallogly, Cloone, Co. Leitrim. Taking first prize in the third class then was Edward Blakely, another native of Killashandra, Co Cavan. Edward’s heifer was sired by his stock bull, a son of ‘Donnally New’. Second place in this class went to Seamus Maguire, Cloone, Co Leitrim for his heifer sired by his stock bull, a son of ‘Excellent’. Kevin Keighra from Mohill, Co Leitrim took third place with his heifer sired by his ‘Bova Banchor’ stock bull. Also taking third prize was Padraig Quinn from Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim with his heifer by the AI bull ‘Alibaba’. Edward Blakely then completed a successful show day by claiming first prize for the best pen of four charolais heifers sired by his ‘Donnally New’ stock bull.

In the sale, top price of the day went to a 380kg charolais heifer which sold for €1360 (3.57c/kg). A 385kg heifer then sold for €1300 (3.37c/kg). Heifers continued to sell well, with a 405kg heifer selling for €1230 (3.03c/kg) and a young 265kg heifer made €850 (3.20c/kg). Another young 295kg heifer then fetched €965 (3.27c/kg). Other leading prices included €875 for a 295kg heifer (2.96c/kg), €1240 for a 430kg heifer (2.88c/kg) and €1310 for a 495kg heifer (2.64c/kg).

At the show and sale of Bullocks in Carrigallen, charolais crosses took all three first and second prize winners in the pre-sale show. With over 250 bullocks entered of all breeds, this was an outstanding achievement. As well as this, charolais cross bullocks went on to sell for the two top prices of the sale.

Top price of the day was for a young 490kg charolais bullock which sold for €1290 (2.63c/kg). A 545kg bullock sold for €1420 (2.60c/kg) and a 535kg bullock sold for €1390 (2.59c/kg). A 590kg bullock fetched €1460 (2.47c/kg) and a 560kg bullock sold for €1390 (2.48c/kg). Two heavier bullocks, one at 690 kg sold for €1620 (2.34c/kg) and a 685kg bullock sold for €1600 (2.33c/kg).

OVERALL CHAMPION OF THE SHOW – SOLD FOR €1,490. Pictured is judge, Jon Regan on left with President ICCS Michael McGirl and Mart Manger Helen Kells.
RESERVE CHAMPION CHAROLAIS bred by Andy McGovern, Cloone, Pictured is judge Jon Regan from Liscally, Tawly, Co. Leitrim.
First Prize Winning pen of Four Charoalis Weanlings, bred by local man Frank McGovern. Sire is his stock bull by Doonally New (CF52)
Second Prize for Pen of Four Charolais Weanlings went to Christina Nixon, Aughavore, Carrigallen. Sire is a son of Fury Action
Part of the crowded sales ring
Overall Show Champion. L – R. Michael Mc Girl President of the ICCS, Michael Fox Judge and Sean Nixon Owner,
The outstanding line up of first, second and third winning heifers
The line-up of Charolais Bullocks that took the overall champion, three first prizes and three second prizes in the pre-sale show at Carrigallen