PRE-SALE CHECKS FROM 1st JANUARY 2014 23/12/2013

PRE-SALE CHECKS FROM 1st JANUARY 2014 23/12/2013
Pre-Sale Checks

To avoid the disappointment of having cattle rejected at the pre-sale inspections, members should carry out the following checks before consigning Charolais cattle to Official Society Shows and Sales.

1. Check the I.D and documentation is correct.

2. Check the dentition is correct and the incisor teeth are biting on the upper pad.

3. In the case of bulls, check testicles are firm and even sized and comply with the following minimum scortal circumferences:-

Less than 13 months on day of sale – 30cm / Less than 15 months on day of sale – 31cm / Less than 17 months on day of sale – 32cm / 17 months and over on day of sale – 33cm

4. Check the animals are free from warts (pay particular attention to the sheath and scrotal area) ringworn, mange and other infectious or contagious diseases.

5. Check the animal’s feet and legs are sound and the general locomotion is satisfactory.

6. All bulls must be halter-led and be 12 months or over on the day of the sale.

7. Check the animals are of good conformation and in good condition and meet the minimum weight for age standard as per the chart: –

Minimum Weight for Age

 Age            Min. Weight             Age             Min. Weight            Age              Min. Weight

365 days          530kgs             450 days          644kgs             535 days          743kgs

370 days          537kgs             455 days          650kgs             540 days          748kgs

375 days          544kgs             460 days          656kgs             545 days          754kgs

380 days          551kgs              465 days          662kgs             550 days         759kgs

385 days          558kgs             470 days          668kgs             555 days          765kgs

390 days          565kgs             475 days          674kgs             560 days          770kgs

395 days          572kgs             480 days          680kgs             565 days          776kgs

400 days          579kgs             485 days          686kgs             570 days          781kgs

405 days          586kgs             490 days          692kgs             575 days          787kgs

410 days           592kgs             495 days          698kgs             580 days         792kgs

415 days           599kgs             500 days          704kgs             585 days         798kgs

420 days          605kgs             505 days          710kgs              590 days         803kgs

425 days          612kgs              510 days           715kgs              595 days       809kgs

430 days          618kgs              515 days           721kgs              600 days       814kgs

435 days          625kgs             520 days          726kgs             605 days          819kgs

440 days          631kgs              525 days          732kgs             610 days         824kgs

445 days          638kgs             530 days          737kgs