09 Jun 2014
Irish Charolais Cattle Society Youth Development Progamme 2014

  • Reminder:       Every member planning on taking part must text their name and which workshop they will be attending before the 15th of June, to Nevan on 087 4137101.   

The objectives of the programme are to provide training and knowledge to young people on the breeding, production, preparation and showing of pedigree Charolais cattle.  It does not matter if you are pedigree breeder or not, everyone is welcome to come, get involved and learn what they can.  We want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!!!  To add a little bit of competition to it all do, there is an overall prize fund of €4,000 up for grabs in the overall final.  There will also be prizes at the various workshops held across the country.  The process is simple;

  • Members will be divided into three age categories: (juniors 9-14 years) (intermediates 15-19 years) (seniors 20-26 years)
  • There will be four workshops held across the country and will be facilitated by the best stockmen in the business.  Hopefully one is near you!!!  The workshops will be focused on
  1. Breeding, feeding, husbandry and management of Charolais cattle from birth to shows/sales
  2. Bull and Female selection based on physical appearance/bloodlines/figures
  3. Clipping, grooming and preparation of cattle for shows and sales
  4. Show ring presentation, behaviour and etiquette
  5. Stock Judging and estimating weights
  6. Halter making and training
  • At the end of each workshop members will be given their first opportunity to pick up points based on stock judging and estimating weights of cattle that will be on display
  • There will then be four regional show qualifiers held across the country.  Members will be given their second opportunity to pick up points based on their showing skills, presentation and show ring etiquette.
  • The 5 members in each of the junior, intermediate and senior sections with the most points will then advance to the overall final at the national show.
  • The only way you can pick up points and have the chance of advancing to the overall final is by attending one workshop and one regional show qualifier close to you!!  The list of workshops and regional show qualifiers is listed on the next page.  The entry fee for the programme is €20/member and must be paid at the workshops.  Refreshments will be provided at the various workshops.
  • Every member planning on taking part must text their name and which workshop they will be attending before the 15th of June, to Nevan on 087 4137101.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the very best about Europe’s number one beef breed … We hope to see you there!!!!





Youth Development Programme