Charolais cross weanling shows and sales sponsored by the ICCS

Weanling show & sale in Ennis mart sponsored by the ICCS


First prize CHX weanling bull in Ennis mart show & sale sponsored by the ICCS. Born March 2016, weighed 440kgs and sold €1160 2.63c/kg. 


First and second prize CHX weanling heifers in Ennis mart show & sale. On the left, born April 2016, weighed 310kgs and sold for €1,280 4.12c/kg. On the right, born March 2016, weighed 415kgs and sold for €1,000 2.40c/kg.


Second prize CHX weanling bull in Ennis mart. Born April 2016, weighed 390kgs and sold for €1,000 2.56c/kg. 

Other leading prices from the weanlng show & sale in Ennis mart. CHX heifer – 238kgs – sold for €775 3.25c/kg, CHX bull – 270kgs – sold for €880 3.25c/kg and CHX heifer – 365kgs – sold or €1,070 2.93c/kg.

Weanling show & sale in Mohill mart sponsored by the ICCS 


Judging of the Charolais weanling bulls in Mohill mart. 


Second prize CHX weanling heifer in Mohill mart. Weighed 275kgs and sold for €1,025 3.72c/kg. 

Other leading prices from the weanling show & sale in Mohill mart –

CHX heifer, weighed 335kgs and sold for €1145 3.41c/kg.

CHX bull, weighed 290kgs and sold for €1045 3.60c/kg.

CHX bull, weighed 300kgs and sold €990 3.30c/kg.

CHX bull, weighed 305kgs and sold for €1140 3.73c/kg.

CHX bull, weighed 275kgs and sold for €1080 3.92c/kg.