Important Notice: Genomic Testing Requirements for Society Shows & Sales

From the 1st of January 2020, all animals being entered in Charolais Society Sales must be Genomic tested and verified prior to the Closing date for entries.  DNA verification will no longer be accepted. Breeders should note that the responsibility is on them to have their animals Genotyped and the results back prior to the closing date for entries to be eligible for entry. We strongly advise that animals should be Genotyped as soon as possible, as results can take some time to come back. In order to request a Genotype kit for an animal, please contact ICBF on 023 8820452 and provide them with the tag number of the animal you wish to Genotype. Please click on the link below for a detailed timetable of the publication schedule of Genomic Evaluations and cut of dates for receipt of Genomic samples.

By having all animals entered in Society sales Genotyped from the 1st January 2020, it will allow the Society request the Myostatin status of each animal entered in Society Sales and include their Myostatin status in Sale catalogues. This will be a major advantage to customers selecting young bulls or heifers at our Society sales. The Society will cover the cost of the Myostatin test for each animal entered in Society Sales for the first year (2020), which is €6 per animal.

Myostatin is a gene that influences the production of proteins which control muscle development. Currently in Charolais cattle, there are two known mutations of the gene – F94L & Q204X. Knowing the myostatin status of your animals will also help you as breeders to select breeding animals with the most appropriate myostatin traits for your breeding programme. This will inevitably improve calving ease, carcase conformation and quality, without compromising on key maternal traits, such as milk and fertility.