The Galway Charolais Club along with Society Vice President, Christy Comerford, have submitted a proposal to the Department of Agriculture and Ag-climatise 2021 to 2030 and beyond. The proposals contain an 85 slide power point presentation as well as a detailed 12 page document. The proposals submitted follows a six month research period and was completed in time to be lodged for the Ag-climatise 2021 to 2030.
The reasons behind their research and submission are as follows:
  • To help maintain and develop viable and profitable suckler herds going forward to 2030 and beyond.
  • To provide an opportunity for carbon neutral suckler beef to become a recognised quality product worldwide.
  • To highlight the fact that Irish suckler farmers can work with and help develop a way to promote our special quality beef, while working within carbon neutral standards to 2030 and beyond.
  • Their proposals include recommendations for the necessary steps that will need to be addressed regarding, climate change, carbon emissions from the suckler beef sector, suckler beef prices, suckler beef branding and marketing as a premium product, rural Ireland sustainable, changing trends in people’s diets, carbon natural beef and producer groups. The next round of CAP payments.
  • Listed below are the the points their proposals are based around.


Carbon Neutral Beef
Irish suckler farmers take Irish Beef to a new level on the world stage
Learn more about a new beginning, a new opportunity for Carbon Neutral Suckler Beef with the following benefits.
  1. Creating Carbon Neutral farms with some advancing to A1 status.
  2. Honouring Ireland’s responsibilities and commitments on carbon emissions targets from the suckler beef industry.
  3. Providing the new Cap plan with a golden opportunity for the beef sector.
  4. Improving water quality.
  5. Reducing Ammonia levels.
  6. Improving animal welfare.
  7. Ensuring Ireland’s youth and their children will inherit a healthy countryside and environment.
  8. Copper fastening Ireland’s green image worldwide.
  9. Excelling Carbon Neutral Irish suckler beef to a new all time high on learning world markets.
  10. Protecting family farms and rural Irish life from extinction by ensuring a viable income.
  11. Demonstrating to and reassuring environmentalists that Carbon Neutral suckler beef is in no way harmful to the environment.
  12. A new initiative that will re-energise the suckler beef sector.