Dear members,

I wish to inform you all that I will be leaving my position as Secretary of the Society in the coming months. This decision is purely from a personal point of view, as I wish to pursue other interests in life. It has been a great honour to serve as Secretary of Europe’s number one beef breed for the past eight years.

Thankfully, as well as making massive genetic gains, the breed has enjoyed some remarkable high’s in recent years, producing numerous record breaking sales. When making decision’s, I have always tried to keep two things in mind, “Is it good for the members, is it good for the Breed”. I believe for the most part, it has served me and the Society well.

I would like to thank past and present Council members for their cooperation over the years. Past President’s Kevin Maguire and Noel Mc Goldrick, most recently Oliver Connolly, who has been a pleasure to work with over the past two years. A massive thank you must go to my work colleagues, John Beirne, Kate Browne, and Barbara Jay Downey. Most of all, I would like to thank you the breeders, who I have dealt with on a daily basis.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish the Society and it’s members the very best in the future. As a great man once said, “Every breed stands second to Charolais”.

Nevan Mc Kiernan,

Secretary, ICCS.