The Society held it’s first All Ireland Suckler herds Competition back in 2021. The standard at the time was exceptional, however, this year’s competition seen more terrific herds come forward. Once again, the positive influence of Charolais on all the herd’s demonstrates the phenomenal performance Charolais can bring to a herd, not only as a terminal sire, but as a maternal option too. Over the coming week’s we will be profiling the prize winner’s in both the large and small herd categories. Here are the winners from this year’s competition.

Brian and Jim O’ Leary, winners of the large herd category

Coming out on top in the large herd category was the overall winners from 2021, Brian and Jim O’ Leary from County Clare. The pair run a calf to weanling system that can only be admired. The sheer quality of the weanlings on this farm is nothing short of exceptional.

Michael and Jack Connellan, winners of the small herd category

In number one spot in the small herd category was Michael and Jack Connellan from County Roscommon. The Connellan’s run a calf to weanling system that has become well known in the area for producing outstanding Charolais weanlings.

Results from the large herd category 

1st place – Brian and Jim O’ Leary from County Clare

2nd place – Gerry and Donal Connellan from County Kildare

3rd – Raymond Palmer from County Donegal

Results from the small herd category 

1st place – Michael and Jack Connellan from County Roscommon

2nd place – Tom Fitzmaurice from County Roscommon

3rd place – Raymond Cooney from County Cavan